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Carloscar Tovar
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Be Web is a collective of digital marketing professionals founded by Carloscar Tovar. We offer digital marketing services in San Antonio, Texas and our focus is growing your business using online marketing strategies.

"No matter how big or small your business is, the internet can help you grow limitlessly"

Carloscar is a digital strategist based in San Antonio, Texas, with 20 years of experience on websites, web maintenance, and search engine optimization.

“I started with websites in 1996 when I was 15 years old as a freshman in high school. For a class assignment the challenge was to learn HTML and create a website.

I researched online and found out HTML was a basic coding language, I created my first html page using CoffeCup HTML Editor,  and got a perfect grade in Computer Science class.

After that school project, web design became a hobby. I started doing websites of any kind and topic but mainly focused on fan web pages of NBA players. (Here’s one still online). I learned Photoshop which already was a popular program and my web and graphics skill portfolio started forming.

When I was in college at Tec de Monterrey, I helped some of my university departments to get their first websites online, and provided updates and website maintenance for some time.

In 2004, after I became a dad for the first time, I came up with the idea of offering web design services to local businesses and that’s how my professional career as a web designer and digital marketer started.

The web is my life, I’ve grown with the internet and I’ve helped it become what it is today. I’m sure we can help you achieve your web goals, let’s talk and make it happen.”

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