Top 10 coworking spaces in San Antonio, Texas

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The coworking spaces in San Antonio offer a casual but professional work space for business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs to work outside of their homes or offices at an affordable price.

Coworking spaces are places where individuals can work together in a social environment, collaborate and share knowledge and ideas. The coworking environment is typically full of individuals who are self-employed, entrepreneurs, artists and freelancers.

Basically, all coworking spaces in San Antonio offer private and open desk space, and conference rooms that can be reserved while others are open community areas for everyone to use.

Advantages of using a coworking space

  • Less expensive than a dedicated office
  • Opportunity to network and meet like-minded people
  • Professional enviroment

List of coworking spaces in San Antonio, Texas

If you’re looking for a comfortable and professional shared office space to work in San Antonio, Texas, this is a list of the top coworking spaces in San Antonio.

Key Coworking

Located at: 1520 W Contour Dr, San Antonio, TX 78212

Key Coworking is a coworking space that offers private offices, dedicated desks and common areas for individuals to work in. Key Coworking’s mission is to connect members with other people who can maximize their potential and help them grow in their professional lives.

Key Coworking is located near Olmos Park. They promote sustainable business practices and welcome small business owners and entrepreneurs. They also occasionally host networking events for members. They are currently accepting new coworking members and have Offices and Dedicated Desks available.

You can find me at Key Coworking, generally from Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. Please schedule a meeting if you wish to contact me in person.


Located at: 2014 S Hackberry, San Antonio, TX 78210

LiftOff is a coworking space in Southeast that provides workers with the tools necessary to achieve success. There are private offices, dedicated desks and common areas for members to work in, where people can access resources and gain support from people around them.


Located at: 110 East Houston St 7th Floor, San Antonio, TX 78205

Geekdom offers coworking plans to work in an environment that is collaborative, highly connected and entrepreneurial. The coworking space provides members with financial advice, operational help and professional training for them to succeed.

What I like about the community membership is their access 24/7 which for someone like me that works almost all the time, having access in the evenings and weekends is pretty useful.

Cubes at the Quonset

Located at: 218 East Euclid Avenue, San Antonio, TX, 78212

The Quonset is coworking space that provides coworking plans for individuals who work remotely and need a professional environment to connect with other people and share ideas. The coworking has meeting rooms and large private office spaces for members to book as required.

Paradox Cow

Located at: 8522 Broadway Street, San Antonio, TX 78217

The Paradox coworking space is a coworking location that provides coworking plans to individuals who work from home or can’t afford their own office. There are six different coworking spaces available with coworking memberships for people who want to share an office and cowork with other Santa Cruz business owners.


Located at: 500 Sixth Street San Antonio, Texas 78215

500 SIXTH coworking is coworking space that provides coworking plans to startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs. This coworking space’s mission is to create a community of like-minded people who can help each other succeed with business ventures and projects.

Pearl Coworking

Located at: 200 East Grayson Street, Suite 210,San Antonio, TX 78215

Pearl Coworking is a community for entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers to work together. The community provides an environment where members can feel motivated and productive, while at the same time find support, community and business opportunities.

If you know where and how to get to The Pearl, you’ll know how to get to the Pearl Coworking.

Creative Spaces

Located at: 2540 Thousand Oaks Dr. San Antonio Tx 78232

Creative Spaces offers private and professional meeting rooms for the most effective client, employee, and off-site business meetings. Along with a wide variety of virtual solutions.


Located at: 22211 IH 10 W Ste. 1206 San Antonio, TX 78257

Workhub offers monthly mail service, cubicles and private offices. Also, it has conference rooms to rent by hour.

The community provides an open environment where members can work with other companies in the community to network and collaborate on projects together.

Abundant Business

Located at: 400 Portland Rd Building 2, San Antonio, TX 78216

In Abundant Business, you can choose from private office suites, standing desks, shared desk, or open space for your co-working space needs.

The community provides infinite opportunities and resources for members to work effectively and grow their businesses. It has a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups that share and support each other and form valuable relationships.


Coworking spaces in San Antonio are community-oriented coworking spaces that aim to create a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups that can meet each other’s needs. They all have different vibes and is up to you to experience and decide the best option for you and your business.