Why you should have a website

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The internet is one of the top inventions of humankind. It allows us to connect with others, share information, learn, and access entertainment. It has become the source of income for millions of people worldwide.

The internet is part of our lives. Even we, older millennials that grew up without the internet can’t imagine a world back to when it didn’t exist. It has become part of our lives.

Businesses use the internet to promote their products and services. And because of the internet, different types of business have emerged. People are working from home more than ever, which is becoming the norm.

Many years ago, it was expensive to get a website. You had to hire a professional web designer to create it and spend thousands of dollars.

Now, there are hundreds of web-building tools that people use to create their own websites. Is easy, fast, and affordable.

I love the internet. And to have a website is to have a piece of it. To own a part of the internet, how awesome is that? 

Endless possibilities

A website can grow endlessly. You have literally no limitations of what you can do with a website. Just as you’re reading this article, you can add more and more content, text, images, videos, audio, pdf and files, and more.

Did you know a website has a monetary value? Yes! depending on the niche or topic of a website, the amount of content, the amount of traffic and other factors, a website has value. Just like real estate.

If you grow your website, and add content; you’ll be adding value. With time that value will increase.

There are professionals that their only business is to create websites, grow them, and then sell them. Some entrepreneurs also buy websites, then improve them, and sell them afterwards for a profit, just like a house!

How to make money online with a website

There are many ways to make money with a website:

  • Creating a blog and writing articles
  • Selling products
  • Offering services

Even if it’s for personal use, you should own a website. There’s no better way to start an online business than finding what you like and monetizing it.

How expensive is to own a website?

There are 3 main things to consider if you wish to have a website:

  1. Domain name – Is the name at the top bar that ends on .com, .net, etc. You can choose the name you want.
  2. Web hosting – Is the service where your website is stored.
  3. Web design – All the code, files, graphics and more.

There are services where you pay a monthly fee and they give you these 3 things, and is up to you to start adding the content. Here’s a list I compiled of website builders you can use.

But whether you use these tools or decide to buy what you need on your own, you’re looking to spend between $10 to $30 USD/month. And let’s be honest, you probably spend more than that on other silly things.


Even if is for fun, you should own a website. You’ll be able to own a piece of the internet that you can call yours, that can grow as much as you want and that you can monetize.