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WordPress web design and maintenance

I provide WordPress web design in San Antonio TX. I use this platform on a regular basis whether for creating a website from scratch, modifying a theme, content updates, or developing themes and plugins.

WordPress is the most used platform for website building. If you have a WordPress website and need help with updates, fixes, content management, SEO, or speed optimization, I offer a competitive monthly plan with a fixed rate for up to 20 edits.

WordPress maintenance

WordPress is a complex, versatile, and advanced piece of software. And as every software, it needs maintenance. The organization that created and keeps updating WordPress (WordPress.org), sends monthly updates, and the developers that create the plugins and themes need to make changes in order to adapt to the new WP version.

WordPress updates

I can help updating content and the theme (design) of your WP website if you require. Contact me to start the consulting process and improve your site.