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We create story-telling websites

We are a web design company in San Antonio, and we know that having your own website puts you in full control of your brand narrative, to convey the exact message you need to your audience. Each photo and every word, or fonts, icons and other graphics we choose, are not chosen randomly, we carefully select them to tell your brand story through your website.

Fast and SEO-optimized websites

A fast-loading website translates into great user experience. I optimize code and graphics and use only reliable web hosting servers to ensure your website loads insanely quick.

Website speed optimization is one of the basic SEO ranking factors to do well in search engine results. Because I design websites optimized to appear in search engine results, I put special attention to this. After determining what are the keywords that your clients use to search for your services or products, I code those keywords into your website pages and add them in specific places inside the code that will help the search engines to find them.

My web design process

The first step is to identify your customer profile; we want to know their needs, what they look for, how they behave, how much time they have, what their expectations are, and a few other pieces of data that will work as the foundation on which your brand story will be built.

Knowing your customers will help you determine what connects your company to them, how they relate, and then you can tell a story that helps your customer relate to your brand. You want to empathize with them, to make them feel comfortable when they visit your website. We want them to be there as long as possible and to inspire them to contact you or buy from you.

I’ve refined my specific method of creating a new website for years and it goes like this:

Learn/create a brand story

The branding is not just a logo design. Is creating a story that connects your brand with your customer to generate empathy.

Content creation/selection

After establishing a story, I find the proper approach to tell it. This means selecting and creating copy, photos, graphics, typographies and other elements to communicate the message we want.


Once we have all the content we draft the layout to structure it. The wireframes allow us to start visualizing a preview of how your website would look like.

Mockups/interactive prototype

I add design, colors, fonts, and other details that match your brand style. Optionally, I can create a working prototype to see the website working before code. I do mostly this with big or complex projects.


I code the design and transform it into the final product.


We make sure everything looks and works the way is supposed to.


Deployment of the finalized website or application.

How much does it cost to make a website?

My standard hourly rate is $75 USD and depending on the size of the project, it could vary from $500 to $5,000 or more. I’ve seen most standard websites go between $1,000 and $2,500.

The total cost will depend on the time put into the project, how many hours I spend on each of the steps listed above. Some clients don’t want or need me to create wireframes, others buy a WordPress template and send me instructions to customize it.

In the end, it will depend precisely on what specifications, content, and feedback the client provides and how smoothly the project move forward.

Contact me for an assessment if you still have questions.

Responsive web design

Websites’ adaptability to different devices is not optional anymore.

The web designer you hire should deliver three different views of your website user interface: mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Depending on who your end-user is, you should give more emphasis to one over the others, but not entirely dismiss them. If your clients use more the phone to visit your website, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a desktop or tablet version of it.