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As a web developer and designer, part of my job is to offer the best solutions to my clients. But also, I feel the responsibility of staying on top of the new technologies and trends, and update my fellow web designers and colleagues.

I’m building this library as a reference for you, if you love web development, are you a freelancer, business owner or entrepreneur learning about web design and web development, here you’ll find a complete resource reference.

I’ll add videos, links, manuals, links to people that you need to follow in the world of web development, and much more!

Tutorials and reference

W3 Schools

Complete guide with dictionary of many different web development code languages, and not only the basic ones as HTML, JS and CSS, but also others such as Python, Kotlin, C# and many, many more. It has tutorials too, for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

MDN Web Docs

Created by the Mozilla organization, this portal is full with tutorials, definitions, examples, news and exercises for web development enthusiasts.

More resources – Hand-picked tools & resources for web designers & developers