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Financial Assistance for Small Businesses

Web Design Grant for Small Businesses

Applications are open

Apply to receive one of 10 grants available each month  to create, or improve your business website

If you’re a business owner going through financial hardship you could receive one of our 10 grants available every month.

Website grants can provide financial assistance to new businesses without an online presence. As a small business ourselves, we decided to assign a fund to help business across the nation, instead of spending money on advertising.


Requisites to apply for the web design grant

Customers expect businesses to have a website. A website is a hub for your online marketing efforts and can help you to promote your products and services, share your story, and engage with your audience. Without a website, your business could be missing out on potential customers and credibility.

If you’re a business owner and:

  • Don’t currently have a website, or, have a website but are looking to completely revamp it.
  • Your business is already in operation.
  • You offer an unique service or product, or you know how to differentiate from your competition.
  • Your business is located in the United States.
free website grant for new business

Enter your details to apply

    Do you have currently a website?

    If you have a website, what platform do you use?

    If you have a website with a platform other than WordPress, would you change platforms?

    Enter your business name:

    Your Phone Number:

    Enter your name:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is included in the website grant?

    • An SEO-optimized and professional website created with WordPress. We’ll add a contact form, social media integration, a map, and other basic functionalities. 1 to 3 pages of content.
    • 3 months of free security updates and disaster recovery.
    • Access to free training online. We teach business owners about website management, web design, WordPress, and SEO.

    What is not included in the grant?

    The following must be provided by the client in order to receive the web design service with the grant.

    • Web hosting service (You can get it with us for $10/month)
    • Domain name registration ($15/year)
    • Logo design
    • Branding
    • Content creation

    Can I use the grant with any other web design company of my choosing?

    • No. The grant is offered by our company, Be Web, to be used only with us.

    Will the website you create be mine?

    • Yes. The website will be owned by you and your business.

    I already have a website, can I apply?

    • Yes. However, if you are not looking to improve it or redesign it we don’t see the point. Our goal is to help you revamp your website and make it better looking and more functional. If you’re happy with your website you should better let other businesses get the grant.

    Are there any fees to receive the grant?

    • Absolutely not. The only requirement is to purchase the hosting and domain. We will cover the web development labor.

    Why are you providing the grant?

    • We are a small web design firm in San Antonio, Texas looking to help small business owners across the nation. Instead of spending money on advertising, we decided to create a fund to help businesses that require assistance during this economical climate.

    What happens if I don’t get the grant?

    • You can re-apply next month. Applications re-open every 1st of the month.

    How long will the applications be open?

    • Applications open every 1st of the month until 10 grants are assigned for the month.

    Types of website grants available for new businesses

    Website grants are available from various sources, including government grants, private grants, and nonprofit grants. Some grants may cover the full cost of website development, while others may only cover a portion of the cost. Additional services such as website hosting or maintenance may also be included in some grants.

    Other sources of funding and grants for small businesses

    If your business needs additional assistance, alternative funding sources such as loans, credit lines, or crowdfunding campaigns may be available from other sources. Evaluating the pros and cons of each funding option can help determine which is the best option for the business.

    Here’s a list of resources for grants available for businesses in the US: