My top 10 WordPress plugins to use in every new website

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So you bought the web hosting plan, installed WordPress, and a theme. Now what? Use these top 10 free WordPress plugins and I guarantee you’ll be in the right path to maximize and optimize your new website!

Table of contents

  1. WP Fastest Cache
  2. Yoast
  3. Elementor
  4. Contact Form 7
  5. Smush
  6. SVG Support
  7. WooCommerce
  8. WP Mail SMTP
  9. Child Theme
  10. Really Simple SSL

WP Fastest Cache

Is a cache plugin with many options to speed up your website. By minifying and combining html, css and javascript code (the languages your website uses), it will help you decrease your overall page loading time, to improve user experience and search engine rankings.

Even though the free version is simple to use, is very powerful and useful. And if you’re willing to pay extra for the pro version, you’ll have access to some extra neat functions. But as far as I’ve experienced the free version works very well.

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Search engine optimization is the soul of online marketing. Use the Yoast plugin to manage every aspect of your website SEO settings. It will give you more control over the little things that WordPress doesn’t by default.

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If you’re looking for a different way of building your website’s content and have more flexibility to create layouts, Elementor is a great choice. I prefer it over Visual Composer or Divi because is more user-friendly and easier to learn.

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Contact Form 7

Contact forms are a great way to capture your customer’s information and receive it by e-mail. Contact Form 7 let’s you create forms in a simple way and embed them in your page using shortcodes.

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Another excellent plugin that focuses on performance, but this one specializes on images. It allows you to automatically compress and optimize your pictures sizes to make your website load faster.

Additionally, adds a lazy loading setting (which is also good for SEO) and other neat features.

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SVG Support

SVG files are an image format based on code. They’re basically formed by shapes and colors but if you used the same images in png or jpeg the final file size would be way bigger. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support this type of file yet, but the solution is simple. Install the plugin SVG Support and you’ll be able to upload svg files to the Media Library as easy as any other type of file.

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When talking about e-commerce and selling products online, WooCommerce is your best choice with WordPress.

You only have to install and activate the plugin, choose your payment platform and add your products, simple as that!

The best thing is that is charge with tons of additional settings which makes WooCommerce versatile and powerful, whether you wish to sell physical products, memberships, downloads or any other type of merchandise.

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Making sure your email notifications are received in your customers inboxes is always an issue, but WP Mail SMTP solves this matter easily. Just install the plugin, select the mail service of your choice (you’ll have to create an account on any of the services) I use Send in Blue and works well, connect it to the plugin and that’s it.

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Child Theme

Part of your new WordPress website management are the updates. Your theme will constantly receive updates from the developer that created it. If you do or hire a web designer to do customizations to the theme’s code, when you update the theme, the customizations will be lost.

This is why a child theme is important. A child theme allows you to do customizations and avoid them being overwritten. The Child Theme plugin will help you create a child theme for this purpose.

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Really Simple SSL

Another important feature of any website is the SSL certificate, to protect the privacy of the data transferred between your website and your visitor, and viceversa. This is why Google decided to start ranking better the websites that have an SSL certificate.

With Really Simple SSL, well, you can migrate your website from http to https in a really simple way. Of course, you’ll have to first buy the certificate and install it in your hosting for it to work.

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What did you think about my favorite top 10 WordPress plugins? Is there any other you think should be on this list?